June 13, 2014


   Andrzej Walijewski (born 1962) graduated from Akademia Sztuk Pieknych (Academy of Fine Arts) in Warsaw, studied sculpture under prof. Stanisław Kulon.
   Graduation work called "Peasant Wedding" that was also presented at Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is currently in Private Museum in Petrykozy.
   I work in wood, stone and bronze. I'm an author of many sacred sculptures, for example: figure of Saint Barbara in St Barbara Church and St Maksymilian in Lublin, figure of Saint Father Pio in Our Lady of Perpetual Help's Church in Wałbrzych, Madonna (co-author) on veneer of St S. Kos- tka's Church in Warsaw, co-author of altar sculptures at church in Sokolow Podlaski and more.
   I'm fascinated by gothic sculpture and this is where my inspiration come from when it comes to my sacred sculptures. I make polychromy (also gilding and silvering) using medival technique and rules. I also make my own modern compositions.
   My sculptures are in many polish churches and private collections in Poland, Germany, France, Croatia, Sweden, USA and Australia. You can find my works in galleries in Krakow and Warsaw.

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